We got “Holey Moley” Arkansas Style!!!

If you’re a mini golf professional bragging until everyone hates you or you’re or a lousy player who must cheat to make it in the hole, THIS night is for you!! We throw the rules out and make up new ones as you travel along the course. WIN a cheap trophy that’s guaranteed to elevate your status.


NOVEMBER 1, at 6:00pm

You asked for HOLEY MOLEY mini golf and we got it. Without the Hollywood money, stunts, possibility of injury and Rob Riggle. We will have good ole fashion Arkansas creativity with a little bit of redneck ingenuity, props, and Conway’s own Kim Slaughter. (Watch out Hollywood here she comes)

You will need to be there at 6 pm to be assigned a team and team captains. Type A’s will love this part. Type B’s please show up as soon as you can, or you’ll have to deal with the type A’s.

Wacky holes guaranteed to make your friends laugh at you. We will test your memory, worldly knowledge, and miscellaneous worthless information. There will be teams assigned to cheer everyone on! The winner will receive a prestigious prize.

In other words, it is going to be a hot mess of a good night of fun!! So, be there or be square.


Tee-rifically distracting mini golf challenge.


The funniest night of your life guaranteed or your money back! Not really. No one is getting their money back, we got bills to pay.


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