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Johnny Miller & Kim Slaughter 

Owners of Toad Suck Mini Golf.  
Married 11 years 
Proud parents to 4 chihuahua's 
Live in Conway 

Our Story

This is how it started.  My husband and I were both raised here in Central Arkansas. We lived in Dallas for a few years and in February of 2014 we moved back home to be closer to family. Conway and Faulkner county welcomed us and our businesses The Blue Focus Marketing and Conway Remodeling-Central Arkansas with open arms.

We bought land to build my husband Johnny Miller a shop for Conway Remodeling-Central Arkansas and storage units.  One  night God spoke to our heart. We saw a need for more family friendly entertainment options for the area. We needed to do something different with the land. We remember going thru CALI and learning how import it is to have attractions when trying to grow a city and attract businesses here. By morning we knew we HAD to do our part. It was a very long road but we finally got there and my heart is happy. We decided we would take the risk.

Most banks said NO to mini golf, said it was to risky. Two banks would give us what we needed if we wanted to build mini storage buildings. We didn’t give up. We truly wanted something that would benefit everyone in the area. After 9 months of not giving up and continuing to try we got a YES. We put everything we have up to secure the loan because our passion and dream for Faulkner county was strong.

I can't thank FAB&T enough for believing in us and their desire to support the community. Donny Bradley was our biggest cheerleader.   Most importantly THANK YOU to the community we wanted to serve. Your words of encouragement kept us  going. SO many times I was in tears trying to make it happen. Many times I wanted to give up and do storage buildings. Your comments kept me going. I knew I couldn't give up on my community. I am overwhelmed with emotions now that it is all done. I honestly can't believe it. I look at these pictures and I can remember every step of the way and I smile.

We hope you enjoy our vision and will visit us regularly. Thank you for sticking by us for over a year while we worked to make this happen!! #toadsuckminigolf

-Kim Slaughter